Data is the fuel to drive any market campaign, we fully understand the combination of time, market, budget, and objective that leads or defines the approach of data collection for any market research campaign or project. According to the needs, situation and requirements, we collect and provide customized primary research data collection solutions through the following methodologies.

  1. Online Surveys 

    reaching out to the audience via online methodology across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. With specific profiling and grouping on the online panels, we collect and provide data from specific audiences with a deep targeting approach.

  2. Face-to-face surveys

    with a pool of talented interviewers and qualified local market language speaking and knowledge experts, we conduct face-to-face surveys following the methodology protocol and quality standards.

  3. CATI

    the tough-to-do and tough-to-reach audience, who doesn’t or is unable to participate in online surveys and is not reachable via face-to-face methodology can be reached via telephone.

  4. Survey Coding & Hosting only

    we have in-house coding capability, and do provide survey coding and hosting service also for clients who want to take the link along to collect data from their audience via any methodology.